Behind a happy family there's an assertive Mother that believes in herself.

Motherhood is not perfect picture, it's beautiful though because despite the hard times you'll have precious moments with your family. 

You want the best for them, especially your child. You want your baby to grow into an adult that will walk their path with confidence and courage. A path full of joy and love that they deserve. 

But how to make it happen? You are probably wondering how or what you should do in order to guide them the right way.

I've got your answer: Mom, BE YOUR BEST.

Because when you are at your best is when everything feels right.

I'm not saying you are not doing your best, but if you are reading this I can assume you are feeling something is not right.

That something is missing.

I don't blame you, I've felt the same in the past; in fact, many other mothers!

Being a mom can be quite hard work. 

On top of that, there are your doubts that you seem to have a new one every day. Then there's the unwanted advice that you receive regularly. And last, the contradictory information on the internet and parenting blogs and forums. (I've had all of the above)

You know what you want​​​​​ but doubt yourself over and over.

Know something, from my long years of experience working with families: 

There's NO "one way fits all" kind of parenting!

It all depends on what you want, your levels of patience, and how much you can stretch or change your approach to it.

What Others Say


Diosa is a fantastic person, open, warm with a clear point of view. From the first time we met online, I was pleasantly surprised by her empathy and the way she understood what I needed, what I was looking for. It was beneficial for me to work with her, and I recommend Diosa with all my heart.

V. Niste 


Before working with Diosa, I had difficulties with seeing my worth as a mother, and as a woman. I used to diminish myself and believed I was failing at motherhood. Diosa helped me to see my worth and taught me the skills I needed to gain control over parenting. Thanks to our sessions, I feel a lot more relaxed, and I see a definite improvement in my relationship with my daughter and my day to day life. I don't stress out as much as I did before and I can see now that I am in fact, a great mother.

N. Vertommen-Garcia Mom of one


Diosa has helped me very much. Not only she is knowledgeable and gave me some great tips, but also made me feel calmer about what I was experiencing. Her advice made my life simpler and more manageable. She is open, warm, helpful, and makes sure she delivers her knowledge in the best way for you.

L. Dambrauskaite Mom of four

What do I offer YOU

"I love working with mothers that are determined to provide the best for their families by getting first the best for THEMSELVES."


My priority is that you feel supported all the way and helped when needed. By asking you the right questions, I'll guide you find the answers you seek. Also, I provide advice ONLY when you ask for it, respect goes both ways, so I'll never impose a way of thinking.


I hold you accountable for your work of transformation by holding space for you.
I'll be keeping track of the most important things and events so we can work upon each step towards your goals.

I'll be there for you every step of the journey.


When we have our sessions, I'll be doing more listening than talking. It's all about you and what you say and what you want will shape the journey.
Words can be like an invisible compass to see what direction we are heading.


We'll be working on your mindset, and change the habits that don't serve you.
We will shift them into ones that will reinforce the right mindset for your goals.
There'll be some "homework" that we both approve beforehand.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." Helen Keller

What do YOU GAIN from working with me 

We'll fully customise each step of our work together based on what YOU need. During your progress, I'll be offering PDF's that complement our coaching calls. They are full of tips, extra information and exercises that you can read and do at your pace. I work in different ways with each client, but here's an idea of what you'll benefit from working with me:


Assertiveness not only provides a sense of reassurance and strength, but also it makes you prettier! By becoming more confident, your belief of yourself will be of healthy self-respect and pride. You'll look and feel more beautiful and confident. A new "sexy feeling" that not only you will notice but everyone else around you!


Have you ever heard the question "But, what do you want??" It doesn't matter how or when but WHERE or WHY. The direction is critical; going astray from the path that is right for you is not as bad as not having anywhere/know where to go! We'll work towards finding what you EXACTLY WANT and the steps to reach there.


Don't get me wrong; you are ALREADY a GOOD MOTHER. Wanting the best for your children opens an opportunity for growth and improvement. By having more confidence and clarity in your life, you will automatically want to provide better to your children, and overall your family. I'll guide you in those areas you wish to improve and support you in every step!


With all the above, your WHOLE WORLD WILL ROCK! 

You will be living the lifestyle and motherhood that many would wish for themselves. After all, who doesn't want to live a life filled with Joy, Excitement, Love, Reassurance, Dreams? And have the confidence that you can achieve anything?

It's PERFECT for you if...

You are open-minded
You love your children and want to provide the best for them
You believe there's always room to improve and evolve in life
You love exploring new opportunities and ways
You are not afraid of being honest with your emotions
You are willing to do any necessary work for the better

It's NOT for you if...

You believe you already know everything, refusing to learn more
You want things (and your life) to stay as they are
You think that your children are alright as long as they have food and toys
You don't feel like putting any effort or commitment
You think you haven't got the time or energy left for anything else
You assume feeling miserable and stuck is part of motherhood

Diosa Llabaria B.

I help mothers (especially new moms) feel empowered and rock motherhood the way they always dreamed about while upgrading their Life/Family Vision. Not just a coach or a mentor; I'm like your Motherhood/Parenting Doula, your Confidante, your Guide and your forever Cheerleader!

I'm originally from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), where I grew up until my late teens, but I was born in the Philippines. I am of (multi) mixed heritage as my dad is Catalan, mom is Filipino, and my maternal Grandfather was half Chinese Mongolian. When I was twenty one I left my home to Dublin, Ireland to be an Au-pair for one year.
I've loved living in there, so I stayed and worked as a Nanny-Childminder for nine (incredible) years more. I was also working as a babysitter with families from all over the world.

I'm multi-ethnic and multi-cultural!

My passion for working with children and mothers grew in those nine years, and I even studied a Montessori Course and some courses related to Mental Health and Childhood Studies.

At the moment I'm studying an HND in Children Psychology and I'm IACC certified in Life Coaching.
I met my British husband in the last couple of years in Ireland, and eventually, I moved to England. We got married and have a son, who's a (very active and happy) toddler now.

It all sounds like a perfect story but there have been very dark moments too. One of those changed our lives and my way of seeing life, but it also opened a new chapter for me.

My darkest moment was losing our first born, I was six months pregnant already.

Raising our second son after a loss, and going through some challenges taught me things I didn't know or understand before.

You see, the most significant difference between a mother and a childcarer is not experience or skills.

You can acquire experience, skills, and knowledge, but the depth of the bond between a mom and her child is UNIQUE.

That is the only difference, and it's deep and intricate.

It's a beautiful connection that should be protected and nurtured, yet I've seen that it's underrated and taken for granted.

My mission is to help mothers with my knowledge and experience that I've gathered throughout all these years. I want them to be proud and confident that they are what their child needs!

The foundations of good parenting are within that love, that beautiful connection, and love starts from YOU

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$999 USD

Or Initial payment of $600 and $450 after 4 weeks

These program suits mothers that are VERY BUSY and want mainly to have FULL SUPPORT with EASY ACCESS to me. There will be a couple of coaching sessions only.

  • 6 Weeks Program Duration
  • First 1:1 Call session of 90 minutes via Zoom Conference
  • Support Voxer "PLUS" for six weeks (conditions apply)*
  • Support via Email with videos and material whenever necessary
  • Private Facebook Group for community help and support
  • 35 Min Call on the last week of the program.

* VOXER. Similar to a walkie-talkie, it's a voice messaging app that will allow you to send me voice messages on the go. Perfect for BUSY MOMS like you that cannot wait for a whole week to talk about an urgent matter. Voxer messaging isn't really a substitute for coaching because it's fast-paced and It doesn't hold the unique space of a proper coaching session. It will be perfect for keeping you accountable with reminders and to give you peace of mind by being accessible to guide you on urgent parenting or emotional issues. More info in the clarity call.


$2888 USD

Or initial payment of $1200 and two monthly payments of $950

This program is for the mother that wants to go IN DEPTH with Coaching Sessions. Do you want more clarity, working towards creating the reality you desire? We'll work together in shifting habits that will keep all the system in balance to make it happen.

  • 13 Weeks Program Duration
  • First 1:1 Call session of 90 minutes
  • 10 Subsequent 1:1 Calls of approx. Fifty minutes duration
  • After call Support via Emails with videos and material
  • Full support via Voxer "Standard" for the first eight weeks (conditions apply)*
  • Private Facebook Group for community help and support

* VOXER. Similar to a walkie-talkie, it's a voice messaging app that will allow you to send me voice messages on the go. Perfect for BUSY MOMS like you that cannot wait for a whole week to talk about an urgent matter. Voxer messaging isn't really a substitute for coaching because it's fast-paced and It doesn't hold the unique space of a proper coaching session. It will be perfect for keeping you accountable with reminders and to give you peace of mind by being accessible to guide you on urgent parenting or emotional issues.


That's great to hear! Because PASSION is what will push you towards any goals and dreams without any resistance.

You will still have to do the work, but it won't feel like work at all!
Sometimes you overlook the small changes, underestimating your efforts and the power of consistency, especially in the beginning!
But IMAGINE what you can ACHIEVE in few months.

How does your life would look like in a year?

If you feel this is what you want and seriously committed to do work towards your dreams, I'm here ready to jump on a call with you!

But if for any reason you are not ready, I can understand.
There's plenty of information on my Blog and my 
YouTube Channel that you can benefit from before getting into my programs. Browse through them and enjoy!
Also, I'm working on a new MINI-COURSE that I'm sure you will love! Stay tuned!

If you would like to be of the first ones to get on it for free, subscribe to my mail list, and I'll share it with you as soon as it's finished.

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