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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller


Diosa is an amazing person, open, warm with a clear point of view. From the first time we met online, I was pleasantly surprised by her empathy and the way she understood exactly what I needed, what I was looking for. It was very useful for me to work with her and I recomand Diosa with all my heart.

V. Niste


My name is Nicole Vertommen and I'm a mother of a beautiful daughter. Before working with Diosa, I had difficulties with seeing my worth as a mother, and as a woman. I used to diminish myself and believed I was failing at motherhood. Diosa helped me to see my worth, and teached me the skills I needed to gain control over parenting. Thanks to our sessions, I feel a lot more relaxed and I see a clear improvement in my relationship with my daughter and my day to day life. I don't stress out as much as I did before and I can see now that I am in fact a great mother.

N. Garcia Vertommen -

/Mom of one toddler


Diosa has helped me very much. Not only she is knowledgeable and gave me some great tips, but also made me feel calmer about what I was experiencing. Her tips made my life more simpler and easier. She is open, warm, very helpful, and makes sure she delivers her knowledge in the best way for you.

L. Dambrauskaite

​/ Mom of four children

Diosa Llabaria B.

"I help mothers (specially new moms) to feel empowered and rock motherhood the way they always dreamed about while upgrading their Life/Family Vision. I'm not just a coach or a mentor, I'm like your personal  Motherhood/Parenting Doula, your Confidante, your Guide and your forever Cheerleader "

You want to make things better, to change your current situation into one you would be proud of and full of joy and excitement. You've got the will and commitment to make things happen, YET, you don't know where to start and how to do it.. 

Maybe you started already but entered in a cycle of giving up and starting again because you don't know how to stay accountable to your actions. Maybe could be also that you are not sure you are doing the right thing and feel discouraged because of self-doubt.

Then I'm here to say you came to the right place. You don't have walk this path alone!

Let me first tell you my background so you know where I come from, the reason behind what I do, and how much I love my work.

I am originally from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) where I grew up til my early twenties, but I was born in the Philippines. I am of a very mixed heritage as my dad is Catalan, mom is Filipino, and my maternal Grandfather was half Chinese Mongolian. When I was twenty one I left my home to Dublin, Ireland where I was an Au-pair for one year.

I've loved living in there so I stayed and worked as a Nanny-Childminder for nine (amazing) years more, also working as a babysitter with families from all over the world.

My passion for working with children and mothers grew in those nine years and I even studied a Montessori Course and some small Diplomas to enrich my knowledge in Psychology and Parenting.

I met my British husband in the last couple years in Ireland and eventually I moved to England. We got married and have a son, who's a (very active and happy) toddler now.

I'm an IACC certified Coach and I keep expanding my knowledge by learning from courses and books. I'm now studying NLP to help better my clients.

Having my own child (losing the first one on my third trimester) and going through some challenges taught me things I didn't know or understand before when I was working as a Nanny.

The reason behind what I do now is to fulfill three important things for me right now:

I still want to help mothers and families and work with them. I love working with mothers that are determined to provide the best for their families by getting first the best for THEMSELVES.

I want to be able to raise my own children. Have more time and with my family and freedom to do so.

And last but not least I want to cause a change on the perception of Motherhood and Parenting, raising the respect and recognition they both DESERVE.  

How will I work with you 


I hold you accountable for your own work of transformation by holding space for you. 

I'll be keeping track of the most important things and events so we can work upon each step towards your goals.


I listen to your heart and soul, I'll be doing more listening than talking for what you say is more important in this journey.

 Words are like an invisible compass to see what direction we are heading to.


I provide guidance ONLY when you ask for it. I will though ask the right questions for you to find what you are looking for.

For me it's important that you know what you want or what you want to avoid or change. 


We'll be working on your mindset, and change some habits. 

Those (habits) that no longer serve you will be shifted into ones that will reinforce a good and healthy mindset changing your present.

What do YOU GAIN from working with me



Assertiveness not only is something powerful and reassuring but also it makes you prettier! By becoming more positively confident your belief of yourself will be of a healthy self-respect and admiration. You'll look and feel prettier and powerful. A new "sexy feeling" that not only you will notice but everyone else around you!



Have you ever heard the question "But, what do you really want??" It doesn't matter how or when but WHERE or WHAT. Direction is very important, going astray from the path that is for you is not as bad as not having anywhere/know where to go! We'll work towards finding what you EXACTLY WANT and the steps to reach there.



Don't get me wrong, by you wanting the best for your children you are ALREADY a GOOD MOTHER, but there's plenty space for more knowledge and improvement. By having more confidence and clarity in your life you will automatically want to provide better to your children, and overall your family. I'll guide you in those areas you want to improve and support you in every step.



Do I really need to tell you? With all the above your whole world and your family's will rock! You will be living the lifestyle that many would wish for themselves. After all.. Who doesn't want to live a life filled with Joy, Excitement, Love, Reassurance, Dreams and Happiness?



For BUSY mamas that only need FAST and ONGOING Support.



  • 6 Weeks Program Duration
  • First 1:1 Call session of 90 minutes
  • Support Voxer "PLUS" for 6 weeks (conditions apply) *
  • Support via Email with videos and material whenever needed.
  • Private Facebook Group for community help and support
  • 35 Min Call on the last week of program.
  • PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE. Please ask for more info

* VOXER. Similar to a walkie-talkie, it's a voice messaging app that will allow you to send me voice messages on the go. Perfect for BUSY MOMS like you that cannot wait for a whole week to talk about an urgent matter. This isn't a substitute to coaching because it's fast paced and doesn't hold the special space of a proper coaching session. It is good though to keep you accountable with reminders and also to keep peace in mind that I'm in the other side of the line to guide you on Parenting stuff you need to know or understand.

Not sure if any of the programs is for you?

Not sure which of the Programs are best for you and/or

you just want to try my sessions before committing to any

of them? Book for my Two Calls Pack instead!