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Getting summer vibes

The hot weather is on its way reminding us on getting summer vibes ready. When I mentioned Summer did your first thought to come in mind is your body?

Let me tell you that having a fit body is not that important, but to have a FIT MIND. And you can get both by being physically more active!

Summer Vibes

Summer is coming here where I live (UK), and that means the warm weather is coming too. Pretty much all the south of Europe is already experiencing hot and sunny days.

When growing up I used to go to the beach every summer. I lived in Barcelona and everyone over there does that!

I was a pretty healthy and athletic girl, not skinny but just right, very much the contrary to my motherly body nowadays.

If you are like me, you might be feeling very conscious about showing a bit more skin in your summer clothes.

With those you cannot hide under that chunky jumper or the thick layers of clothing unless you want to die steamed in them.. (A very horrible death, I somehow pity those yummy lobsters)

Mind you, I love summer and I love summer clothes even more! But I don’t fit in my pre-mom ones and I’m actually thinking of doing something about it very soon.

I hate to say it but I need to exercise more. Be even more active than my mini crunches when I get out my desk to fetch a cup of tea.

I’m hoping to at least help reduce the ugly look of cellulite that I never had before being pregnant! Seriously, I barely had any and now I look a bit like a walking pudding.

I’ve been also feeling a bit down more than usual, and despite me thinking that it could be the hormones, there might be something else.

Dreading the treadmill

I’m going to admit it.. I used to be athletic but I actually hate going to the gym! And I’m not a massive fan of jogging either.

In fact, I never went to the gym to exercise!

I went a couple of times to do aerobics with my mom just because I was curious. I used to do gymnastics as well because my best friends went there (and I wanted to look cool in leotards). So it was more socialising than anything!

As you can see I was very ACTIVE! Despite the leotards thing I was pretty much like a tomboy: I ride bikes down hills, played football (most of the times as goalie), climbed trees like a monkey (I was the best climber)..

Now I’m not that active because I work a lot on a computer at home. This “office-entrepreneur” lifestyle kind of threw off my balance with staying active.

I barely can bend and touch my knees which is so sad..

“Why you need to exercise if you don’t want to?” You may ask.

Well, remember I’m also feeling a bit down too?

There’s research that proves that exercise can naturally impact positive reactions emotionally and psychologically speaking. 

“In people who are depressed, neuroscientists have noticed that the hippocampus in the brain—the region that helps regulate mood—is smaller. Exercise supports nerve cell growth in the hippocampus, improving nerve cell connections, which helps relieve depression,” explains Dr. Miller in the Harvard Health Publishing site. Click on the link to read the whole article.

So I’m thinking of finding ways to be more active without feeling the obligation and dread of going to the gym or jogging.

Shake it off Vibes

I’m sure that you’ve automatically thought of Taylor Swift’s song and even hummed or whispered the song unconsciously..

Can you guess what I’m thinking? Yes, dancing!

I love music and I love dancing too so at least it’s going to be entertaining. What examples of dancing there is that will pump a good cardio with a good beat? Few of them actually..

  • ZUMBA.
  • Modern Dance or Jazz Dance.
  • Street Dance or Hip Hop
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Belly Dance

There’s so many to choose from! I’ve only mentioned a few I know that are quite “Cardio” which means is very energetic and dynamic.

As soon as you are breathing deeply, feeling hot and starting to sweat you will know you are doing a good cardio.

In my case I’m going to do Zumba because I really love this one! The movements are so organic and the music is so happy and dynamic.

Alternative Action

If for any reason you don’t like music or dancing and would rather do some exercise around the house, here’s some suggestions. You will also be glad to know you won’t have to spend a penny for any extra stuff!

If you’ve got stairs, just go up and down, walking at first and then gradually accelerating.

If you live in a flat you can use (if you have) a sturdy kitchen/bathroom stool or just a high plastic/wooden box.

To use as weights you can lift your hoover with both hands and a slightly squatting position. You can also use a small stuffed suitcase for that!

Skipping the rope is also a very good exercise that will pump your heart in no time! Make sure you haven’t got the little ones around for this exercise.

Try to walk as much as possible when going out for shopping or doing errands. In summer is important to bring a bottle of water with you.

You can alternate different speeds when walking, just make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Something worthy to mention, doing house chores is also a very “complete” exercise routine!

Doing the laundry has a lot of squatting per example.

Cleaning windows definitely tone your arms, make sure to alternate arm with each window.

Changing the bed sheets forces you to stretch a bit also.

Not only for the body

Remember that you are doing exercise not only for the benefit of being fit or losing some weight but to feel good overall. No matter the lovely weather outside, you won’t enjoy it with a low or negative mood/state.

I can tell you by experience, I’m from Barcelona where most days of the year is sunny! Yet, I’ve had friends that looked like if they were living in a forever rainy winter!

Which of the dances would you try? Or would you rather use this time to do a massive house cleaning focusing in a type of exercise? Leave a comment below!

With Light and Joy,

Diosa Ll.B


  • Agnes

    Great Post. I do not know many people who like to go to the gym. I haven’t set foot in a gym since my college days. I had to for cheer practice. I remember 3 years ago, I paid over a $100 for a gym membership because I wanted to get in shape. I never set foot in the once and wasted quite a bit of money. Most of my exercise comes from yoga I do in my office, on the beach, or wherever I am able to get a few poses in and doing chores around the house. I love dancing but I can never make a zumba class but I do go out dancing with my girlfriends every other weekend. You can burn a lot of calories on the dance floor and it’s fun. Gym life isn’t for everyone and you don’t have to go to a gym to get a great workout.

    • Diosa

      Thanks Agnes for commenting! It’s much easier to do exercise when you are enjoying it, and definitely dancing does the job too! I agree with you about gym life, to me is quite boring and I would rather be somewhere else! I did Yoga few years ago, I didn’t keep up because I’m more of a jumping around person hence the Zumba (also because I love music and dancing!). It’s great you try to do yoga whenever you can! The point is that the more we enjoy doing something the better. It’s less resistance and therefore less of an imposition!

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