From overwhelmed and exhausted mom.. 


Hi! I'm Diosa

I'm a Mother, Artist, Positive Parenting Selfcare, Empowerment coach+mentor and Entrepreneur.

Every family is different, and it's my soul-work to empower parents to be bold and follow their uniqueness as both parents AND individuals with confidence and pride.


I grew up in a time where people are tired of "just getting by" and are told to "get on with it". They keep telling us to do or follow what generations before us did.

Thank you very much, but NO.

I want to help create a new one: a world that never stops evolving towards a more positive way of life, full of integrity, of wonder, of joy, and respect. Will you join me?

More and more people like me (and I believe you too) are following what feels right for themselves and their families. After all, it's natural to follow your intuition, right? We believe in personal growth, and that a BETTER SOCIETY starts at the heart of a home, in the FAMILY.

"I believe in living a poetic life, an art full life. Everything we do from the way we raise our children to the way we welcome our friends is part of a large canvas we are creating."


Are you wondering why I want so badly to help out parents like you to achieve the change that not only is going to shape your family but our society as well?

I was one of those tired souls that thought "It must be done, even if it's like this". People kept telling me it's what motherhood is supposed to be (sacrificing yourself)!
I had barely any free time for myself, keeping up with chores at home and caring for our little one 24/7. Anything else was out of the question.

Exhausted most of the time and quite disheartened, to be honest, it was not easy as I've imagined to be. I didn't have energy nor inspiration to paint (which is part of me) or to do anything creative at all (even for a small drawing!).

I felt I was losing my identity; older relatives and friends were telling me "your child is everything now! There's no more room for hobbies! ". AND on top of that, there was this (wrong) expectation to pretend everything was going perfectly at all times!

Something needed to let go, to cave in, but I decided it was not going to be me.

One of the most important things I've learned by being a mother is that no matter how many years of experience you may have in Childcare (two decades in my case), it'll all be new with your child!

Oh! And no matter how much (or how long) you wanted children, love itself is not going to keep you sane and nature doesn't make any sense until you do.

Thank goodness my rebellious side kicked in (and kicked my butt out of the drama!) and I did some simple adjustments that made a massive impact. 

I shifted my whole reality (and my family's), and so you can too!  Click here for more info.

FUN-facts-tic ME


My Dream holiday

I would love to travel to Japan and New Zealand with my family one day! 


Favourite Food

I love good food! I'm a foodie. But if I have to choose.. A good Paella or Canelons!


Acrylics or Watercolour

Good question! I love the effect of watercolour but acrylics are more versatile!


Cat or Dog

If I could I would get a Manticore! But I guess I can't so.. either. I like both.


Type of music I listen to

I listen to one type or another depending of my mood, yet I love Floor Jansen's voice and Thomas Bergensen's music.


Best advice ever given

"You don't know what you don't know". It's forgiving and at the same time empowering!

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