About your MINDSET

Can you tell me about your mindset, if you really know what it is. Gurus and speakers talk about it all the time and you might be wondering what is all this about.

Here’s how I can help.


Is MINDSET overrated?

I find funny that people underestimate MINDSET, even overlooks the importance to look deep inside and find the cause of those troubling thoughts or actions.

Mindset is not overrated, it’s actually misunderstood and it’s KEY for an individual. I see it like the essence de vivre. Depending on what angle you look at it it can even look like your own Jack Sparrow’s compass.

I hope you’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean and know what I’m talking about, but if not, that compass would only show the direction of its bearer’s true desire.

I could use one of those when I’m between crossroads. Like when I have to decide either to stay at home and order nice chinese food, or go out and see my friends over a fun dinner.

Sometimes I think people really know what they want but either pretend they don’t or they are too afraid to admit. Their reasons and excuses are totally valid, yet not helpful.

Over time that neglect towards your true desires can potentially eat you alive (metaphorically speaking, no alien here!) and shut your chances to potential opportunities.

So Mindset is the map, the compass and your personality book all in once. As you grow (either positively or negatively) it’ll change and your perception of the world and life itself will shape based on it.

As you see, Mindset is undervalued.


The process starts WITHIN

Based on many Guru’s messages out there many of you might be thinking that “It all sounds so easy but in reality is not” or “Too good to be true!”

Well… It has to start somewhere, and while I am the first to reckon that the process is not so quick nor so smooth as it may seem, the basics are very simple and pretty much straightforward.

I believe that there are very important pillars holding our life together and love is the most important.

I don’t mean like having a very fulfilling and loving relationship (which definitely helps of course!) but to have a healthy self-respect and self-love.

You see, if you don’t love yourself and you don’t do any effort to change that (or you give up on you), most probably you will attract pity from others and more loneliness into your life.

The other side of the coin is that if you are happy with yourself you are most likely to be confident and assertive. Your aura will be so attractive and vibrant that many people will feel drawn towards you.

Most people love and admire strong and positive individuals!

What can cultivate healthy and strong self-love you may ask? Well, it’s a mixture of many things but they all come from the main source and it’s called MINDSET.

Have you heard about it before? Whether yes or no, I’ll talk about it quite often in my blog because it’s very important.

It’s what (together with our own emotions) creates our perception of the world.

MINDSET, our glasses for the world

So imagine if we all have to wear glasses.

Some wearing ones with blue tainted glasses, some others with yellow tainted glass, other with very dark hues sunglasses. There will be others with no colour at all but completely clear and transparent.

Each of us would have very different reactions, right? Different reactions based on our emotions of how we perceive the world with the influence on the colour of the glasses.

Probably some with a colour type of glasses would argue or clash with the ways of thinking or seeing things to the ones with the opposite coloured glasses folk.

Some would hate their own glasses and decide to change them to their preference of colour.

Some others would mix with other people of different coloured glasses than theirs. Over time their glasses would become a new colour as a result of the long term relationship.

There’s so MANY combinations on what would happen to each of those people with their coloured or non-coloured glasses.

How they would live or how their actions would be INFLUENCED by that colour and the reaction of the encounter with different ones.

Life is like that, and our coloured glasses are our own mindset.

Our decisions, thoughts and actions are results of our perception of the world based on and influenced by that mindset.


The MAGIC lives in BELIEF

People might frown or even roll their eyes at this but it’s true, believing is creating/materialising the magic to make things happen.

We live in a world that is so sceptical. That prefers empirical evidence rather than pure faith/belief. Always finding the wrongs rather than focusing on the rights.

It is the “never good enough” mentality, and in my opinion, it’s a very poor mindset. It comes deeply from scarcity thinking.

You might believe the law of attraction (or you might not), but what is evident is that when we believe in something either it has a negative connotation or a positive one. It will always be right/true.

Let me give you an example.

You might say to your friends “I’ll be lucky in love” (maybe because you need reassurance or you are just trying to show off to them). Yet deep inside you feel like the girl of your dreams doesn’t exist and believe that it’ll never happen to you.

Either way what you believe it’s true no matter what you say to others. What you believe and what you FOCUS on will dictate your life. Your beliefs are wired to the PERCEPTION of the world.



Imagine you are that guy with the boasting to his friends. You are sitting in a bus stop and a lady approaches and sits beside you. It won’t matter that the girl sitting right next to you is your ideal one. Despite making your heart race fast with that momentarily smile of hers melting you inside. Prompting you to think that she really has many things screaming she could be THE ONE.

A short-lived “what if” burst out of nowhere.

“What if she’s the one I’ve always been waiting for?”

And as lightning a thought of “It’ll never happen to me” will hit you, getting in the way to kill any chances. Because of your strong negative beliefs, you will allow it to execute faster than a guillotine.

Sad but TRUE.

If you have to decide to believe in something, BELIEVE SOMETHING POSITIVE.

Let it SETTLE in you, REINFORCE IT, and the magic WILL HAPPEN!

So next time when I ask you “Tell me about your mindset”, I hope to hear a great line of positive attitude and beliefs.


With light and joy,

Diosa Ll. B.


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