"Get ready because this Journey is going to be CREATIVELY FUN"

Hello mamas of the new world

Yes, you read right, a new world is EMERGING.

A world where people are tired of "just getting by" and are told to "get on with it to a world that is ever changing and evolving. More and more, people are following what makes them happier and that is opening up opportunities to grow into a better human being and parent. 

How do I know all that?

Because I help mothers LIKE YOU! Mothers that want more and a better life, not just surviving parenting, but ROCKING Motherhood.

Helping and supporting mothers grow awesome-r is my turf!

But before telling you more about what I do I think it's best to introduce myself.

My name is Diosa Llabaria B., I'm a mother of a very adventurous and lovely toddler. Also a wife of a creative, nerdy and caring British gentleman. I consider myself a dreamer and adventurer that curiously loves changes!

I'm also the CEO of Mama-Bear PArenting, a mixed service of coaching, mentoring, guide and awesome Unicorn of the motherhood realm.

I love traveling, spending my time with my loved ones, watching cartoon movies, doing arts and crafts, eating good food, and meeting amazing new people.. Like you 😉

Heart-soul work

Do you wonder why I want to help mothers to reach this (almost fantasy-zen like) lifestyle and level of being?

I was one of those tired souls that thought I had to get on like this because it's what motherhood is supposed to be! Having almost 0 freedom, staying at home to be full time mom while wishing to be working as well, somehow, maybe.

I was exhausted most of the time and quite disheartened to be honest. Feeling like I was losing my identity because everyone was telling me "your child is everything now and goes first!". And the list goes on and on.. AND on top of that you needed to pretend everything was going perfectly at all times!

They were both right and wrong! My child is my everything, but I am no longer feeling unimportant. Actually I feel equally important and powerful, and I enjoy this new sense of identity.

Well let me tell you that no mother is perfect, I for instance do not strive for such thing!

Do you strive for happiness with your relationships like family and friends?  

Is one of your main goals to raise happy, healthy, good and positive children, and at the same time living your life to the fullest by doing the things you enjoy most?

Because I can help you to achieve all the above!

I've been there trust me, and I feel sad to see mothers that are not happy and merely surviving as a parent. They seem like if they've almost lost their senses and their hunger for excitement and joy.

And what is even more saddening is seeing children suffer the consequences of it! Children need their mothers!

And mothers need.. THEMSELVES!

It is my core project to help as many mothers (and their children) to get back the reigns of their lives and direct them to their most fulfilling dreams.


This is not a BLOG, it's a beacon for AWAKENING

Keep your eyes peeled, your heart and mind open, and hold on tight because there's gonna be some bumps ahead, but when we hit one, scream and release your inner voice... After a couple bumps you'll be laughing and wanting more lol!

"Are you mad or something?" you might ask.

I am crazy yes, I guess.. Apparently all geniuses are crazy so why not?

I know for sure that I like thinking differently, and I quite enjoy thinking from different perspectives like if I was in the shoes of someone else.

I've got friends telling me I have very random and weird ideas, but also very good ones.

So since I have ideas and thoughts that some people think are useful, why not share them with the world?

Sometimes we don't have the energy nor excitement, nor opportunity, to think outside the box (especially mothers with overcrowded mental to-do lists) so a vision can incite that flow of new ideas.

With this blog I intend to share my vision, my thoughts, my experience and expertise, so hopefully it will awaken the curiosity and mind of the reader (yes moms, I'm looking at you!) and give them ideas to try or thoughts to question the status quo.

Remember, nothing is set in stone and even stones can gradually change (and rock it!).


"It's never too late to take action.
But NOW is perfect timing!"

Let's talk. Book a free clarity with me and let's see how I can help you best.