A new chapter

This is a new chapter for this Blog, which I’ve been neglecting for a while despite having the good intentions of posting again one day. Today is the day!

New ideas

While this is another “mommy Blog” it’ll have some new elements like a strong emphasis on multicultural subjects like relationships (our family is multicultural and a mixture of ethnics too), experiences living in other countries and…

Misunderstandings I’ve experienced (and learn to deal with) with what we call “culture clash”. Oh yes, it is real!

I’ve noticed that not many emphasise the struggle of Communication or Perception (from background and family education/upbringing).

New Hopes

I hope to bring something amazing with this new chapter: more insights and perspectives for other families.

My aim this time is to invite you to our world and family, see a bit trough our own eyes and our experiences with the hope that:

  • You’ll find new ideas for parenting and family life
  • Get inspired to do things differently if they are not working for you
  • Expand your mindset.
  • Get creative with your family, specially with your children!
  • Be more proactive and experimenting

I might sound a bit ambitious but times are changing, and so are families! 

With easier ways to move around and internet opening a vast door to people around the globe and to limitless information, parenting and education are evolving!

You might decide to stay still or refuse to change but you cannot stop change or progress around you!  

You might as well ride it and enjoy it.

New ways

With changes, people can get overwhelmed or doubtful so here I’m here to shed a bit of light with my own experiences in Family-hood.

It’s going to be a long but fulfilling process and I would like you to get involved too! So there’ll be polls, questionnaires and quizzes that I’m working on these days.

I’m very excited and very optimistic with all this, are you too?

There’s going to be also some guest posts that will contribute in this Blog, with their own views of things (and maybe a laugh or two!) and lives.

Also, I’m very interested on you as a reader! Don’t be shy and contact me:

What would you like me to talk more about?

Do you have any questions or doubts about family, children, relationships?

Any questions or wanting to share a “culture clash” experience?

Changing the norm

As you can see, so many things will be popping in this Blog and I’m not sure where it’s going to lead me or you.. But that’s the beauty of life.

This blog is evolving to suit more to the new lifestyles I admire most, and I want to inspire you as much as I’ve been inspired.

I want you to achieve as much as I’ve achieved, whether it learning more, being more happy and open or living to the fullest…

Motherhood is complicated and amazing as the world itself, you don’t have to experience it alone. Let’s do this together!

with light and joy,

Diosa Llabaria

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