Parents who follow their CREATIVITY also open paths to a more meaningful life.

Would you like to know how? 

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Have MORE ENERGY for what really matters!

More and more parents feel drained and not being able to do more things. Some even feel they haven't got enough to do something fun and creative by the end of the day.

Are you one of them?

I don't believe we run out of energy. 

If you are feeling exhausted and drained (despite sleeping and eating well) chances are you're wasting what you have with resistance, frustration, sadness... Giving you the illusion you've got none left.

INSTEAD, Imagine using all this energy on:

being more focused

Imagine getting things done, the IMPORTANT THINGS, of course!

You don't need to do more; you have to do BETTER. Being more focused, living the present, get the things that matter DONE.

shift your


I don't need to tell you exact statistics about how many parents feel anger and frustration at some point in parenthood. But I can tell you that it's damaging for both parents and children!

There are ways to break this negative cycle and restore peace within ourselves and our family.

create with


Being a creative means to be so dependant on our mood and energy. Some people create things with anger, but it's NOT the right way, especially when there are children involved!

Creating from a space of LOVE also CREATES MORE ENERGY.


 Diosa here!

I'm an Online Coach, Mentor and Artist helping artistic and sensitive parents that want to feel more ENERGETIC and to BETTER their relationship with their children.


What my clients say..

Before working with Diosa, I had difficulties with seeing my worth as a mother, and as a woman. I used to diminish myself and believed I was failing at motherhood. Diosa helped me to see my worth and taught me the skills I needed to gain control over parenting. Thanks to our sessions, I feel a lot more relaxed, and I see a definite improvement in my relationship with my daughter and my day to day life. I don't stress out as much as I did before and I can see now that I am in fact, a great mother.

 Nicole V.

Mom of 2 year old girl.

Diosa has helped me very much. Not only she is knowledgeable and gave me some great tips, but also made me feel calmer about what I was experiencing in my family environment.

Her advice made my life simpler and much more manageable. 

She is open, warm, helpful, and makes sure she delivers her knowledge in the best way for you.

Lidija D.

Mom of four children

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