Be the parent that everyone 

LOOKS UP TO and loves 

spending time with!

Less nerve-wrecking and frustrated family days and more FUN and CHILL ones! 

Let me show you how I can help you

I know positive parenting is not an easy job, especially when you feel lost and guilty.

family time is too precious to be wasted with constant frustration, worry and anger while trying to figure out this thing called motherhood.

All cycles can be SHIFTED,

no matter how nasty or sticky they are!

I CARE ABOUT YOU as much as you care about your FAMILY and your LIFE

I'm not just a coach and mentor. I'm also that good old friend that walks every step of your journey beside you, providing the knowledge and experience you need for your own personal and parental growth.

Diosa has helped me very much. Not only she is knowledgeable and gave me some great tips, but also made me feel calmer about what I was experiencing in my family environment.

Her advice made my life simpler and much more manageable. 

She is open, warm, helpful, and makes sure she delivers her knowledge in the best way for you.

Lidija D. Mom of four


 Diosa here!

I'm an Online Coach/Mentor, crazy Artist and happy mom. 

Through empowering, customised support and guidance with 1:1 work, I help moms overcome their personal and emotional challenges while following a Positive Parenting path with her family.

Recharge your emotional energy

Parent powerfully TODAY!

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